Powerful Protection Spells

Powerful Magic Spells for Protection

Protection Spells for protection from evil, danger, and harm, including: Wicca magic spells, witchcraft, free white magic spells, Wiccan love spells to protect the heart, and black magic spells. Protection spells can be used in conjunction with most forms of ceremonial magic, conjurations and invocations of spirits.

IMPORTANT: All magic information and spells provided on Spells-Magic is provided as CURIOS ONLY and intended for ONLY entertainment purposes. Use at your own risk. Spells-Magic assumes no responsibility. NEVER place yourself or anyone else in any kind of danger or at risk for harm.

Protection Spell Uses

  • Spell-Casting of Protection Spells are worked for various purposes.
  • Protection Spells can be employed for protection from any type of black magick.
  • Protection Spells can be used for protection from black magic spells, evil spells and incantations, hexes, curses and evil invocations and evocations.
  • They can be used to repel negative energy, get your energy back.
  • They can be used to send negative energy back to the sender.
  • Protection Spells can be used for your house and also for your family if they are under an evil attack.
  • Protection Spells can be used for shielding against all black magick and evil effects not only for yourself, but for your entire family.
  • Protection Spells can help guard against accidents.
  • Protection Spells can watch over your well-being when traveling long journeys.
  • Protection Spells can be used for Job security.
  • Protection Spells can be used to protect your money.
  • Protection Spells can be used to ward off health problems or illness.
  • Protection Spells can help to keep the energy in your home clean.
  • Protection Spells can stave off bad dreams and nightmares.
  • Protection Spells can be used to secure personal relationships.
  • Protection Spells can be worked for the protection of all members of your family.
  • Protection spells can be utilized for controlling anger and runaway emotions.

All magic protection spells found here are original white and black magic spells for use in Witchcraft, Wicca,Wiccan Magick, pagan, and neo-pagan rituals and ceremonies or alone. Most of these spells are from obscure books, texts, and private collections no longer in print that have become classified as rare. We are pleased to be able to bring you these collections and individual spells, conjurations, hexes, and incantations for free. The only thing we ask in return is that you act responsibly and do no harm. Seek the way of the witch and pagan: act in the interests of the universe.

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