Wiccan Fertility Spells

Wiccan Spells for Fertility and Pregnancy

Wiccan Fertility Spells are believed by some to be the most natural means of overcoming problems getting pregnant through wish spells, charms, and magic spell casting. Spells for fertility based on Wiccan beliefs and practices are sometimes credited with getting pregnant fast and easy to get that precious baby you've been dreaming of. Wiccan Fertility spells are simple to cast in the comfort and privacy of your own home and relieve the worries and pressures that sometimes result from more public options.

Wiccan Magic: Fertility Spells and Rituals

We have assembled some of the best and least known fertility spells practiced by Wiccans from around the world and provided them all in one place for your easy reference. Please feel free to share these with your family and friends. It is our sincere hope that these Wiccan Fertility Spells will bring you just the answers you've been looking for. Please remember to act responsibly when casting spells. As always these spells are provided as CURIOS ONLY and for your entertainment. This website, along with its owners and associates, assume no responsibility for any liability associated with any information provided here, its safety, accuracy, or the actions of others. Perform these spells at your own risk. That all having been said, we wish you the best of fortune with these Wiccan Fertility Spells.

Wiccan Fertility Spells: Birth Spell

You need the following:
Ace of Clubs
10 of Cups
The Sun
Something for a baby that you bought specifically for this ritual (a bib, a small blanket, etc.), 9 red candles.

The candlelight and put the tarot cards one by one. Visualize getting pregnant, staring at a positive pregnancy test. Repeat the following procedure: With these cards, and ask them good and useful meaning powers. I want to start a family — I desire energy and love to continue. This small item (hold the baby element) is the sign of the commitment they are willing to go. We are ready to love our children — we are ready to teach our children and are willing to leave our children. For what it is — it will be! Seal this spell with kisses and hugs followed by the necessary actions to start a family. Seashells represent fertility. You can create a small seashell altar in her room. If you want to add a divinity, I use the goddess of Millender. Round and fertile/pregnant goddess of work, and there are many! Holed stones are also symbols of fertility. Ask someone who takes his or able to carry one around your neck like a charm. By placing one near the bed or between points is also good. Eat healthy! Diet plays an extreme role in fertility. Use visualization. Should be relaxed. Furthermore, studies show that when men and women, along climax, women have a higher chance of conception. Full moon... In the pre-tribal and electricity, women ovulate around the Full Moon and menstruation in the black or the New Moon. One way to get in this cycle is to start paying more attention to the phases of the moon and also going out in the moonlight, not even for a minute or two.

Wicca Ritual for Fertility

Fertility, it is possible that the title is like a ritual to become fertile so that you can physically procreate, and certainly can be used for that. These days with fertility problems for people who want to have children are a legitimate concern and should be treated and this ritual will help. The other, often more frequently, as I'm concerned, the use of this ritual is to provide ideas for you. To encourage creativity, promote the fertility of the mind and spirit and no body. There is no distinct difference in the ritual order.

Ritual for Wiccan Fertility Spells

Moon Phase: Waxing full time of the day: the time you may be more creative to me is the morning Props sandalwood incense mental fertility, Peach incense natural fertility. Tools: incense burner. Gods/Goddesses to call (choose 1 or 2): Diana, Ishtar, Liberia, Brigit, and Kernunnos. Food & Drink: Salad of shredded carrots, cucumber and rice with olive oil and garlic (served cold, use brown rice) a banana for dessert. Tea: Peach Do what you do to prepare for the ritual. Take a circle and invoke their deities. State your goal and objective. They make it very specific. Turn your incense. Imagine the incense filling that part of you that wants to reach fertility. It must fill you, grow around and touch every part of you. From the east, faces four directions pleading: The "watchtowers winds send air wash stagnation Me Away" South: "Watchtowers fire Send your heat to fire my (brain, uterus, kidney)" West: "Watchtowers of water filled my fertility in the North:" Great Mother Goddess, I'm as fertile as their forests, the ocean that fills me with life and hope "Lie on the floor of the head in the north arm legs extended. If you are not just your significant other or co Coven put his hand on his back (not touching) or head and send you healing energy. "Oh, well I beg full of ripe fruit I may have. Fill my (womb/loins/mind) with power and light. "Feel your body fill with energy. Feel the power that emanates from the place where you want to be fertile. On his knees before the altar: The Priest blesses the food and tea. You eat food with your fingers imagining food to food that is infertile about you; you can take tea in a project. (This is not intended as a meal, but only filled with energy consumption). Closing the loop in a normal manner. Ground and center. If you have the charm of being physically fertile be sure and have unprotected sex within 24 hours. For the female physical fertility this spell should be made 14 days after the woman's cycle begins. For a man does nothing.

The Face of the Birth of Spells for Wiccan Fertility

Materials needed:
Getting rid of cat fur female
A cloth bag
Statue or image of the kitten
Also one of the scents of jasmine or Wisteria

Time: Every time the necessary pain of childbirth, preferably before departure.

Establish a small altar or sacred space in a place to stay until the birth is over. Arrange the statues in the back middle of this space. Light incense and say: Mother Earth keep me in your hands of love that the birth of the unborn child easily keep the fear and negativity away from me, beside me when the child enters the world my confidence Mother that brush gently rid skin against her cheek, the idea of love and kindness. Place the skin in the bag and let the statue on the altar. Leave it there until the birth is over. Whenever you feel fear or from birth until they reach open the bag and the fears that you breathe gently into it.

Wiccan Birth Fertility Spell

This spell requires both the involvement of parents.

Materials needed:
A small apple shaped bowl
A starfish from the land of Mother Earth
Milk (preferably fresh, unprocessed... but store bought will happen if you can not get fresh milk)
A seed (any kind)
A pink candle if you wish for a daughter, a light blue candle if you wish for a child

Cast your circle and invite you to join Goddess. The woman said aloud: (add each thing to the apple as you say) to the image of the sacred apple I add the following: A starfish in the water of life in the land of milk within the earth to symbolize the nectar of a mother's heart, a seed for growth, new life and fertility (light a match and feeling content) A flame for the fire that burns within and the spark of creation of the Plaza de candle pink, blue in the pot, turn it out loud: Within my cauldron I light (pink, blue) candle to represent the Virgin Mary, Mother The old woman and her daughter (son) of my heart. Goddess, I'll grant application for membership of the fertility of eggs and sperm blessed be the name (man) 's baby to be born from me, injury to lot owners for love Amen Allow the candle burns, the gaze into the flame and visualize yourself holding your baby in her arms as long as possible. If the candle goes out, the man must return, otherwise you can keep burning on its own. When ready, you have found the man to take the apple and cup matches in their hands. Open a door in his circle and exit. The man and woman should kneel on private property as the woman digs a small hole in the ground. Then the man said aloud (as is the content of the apple in the hole) Goddess, please join us in this place of the sacred image of the apple, place the following on Mother Earth: A starfish from the waters of soil life back to Mother Earth Milk to symbolize the nectar of breastfeeding — can also feed the earth a seed for growth, new life and fertility (that lights a match and puts it in the hole) in a flame of fire that burns within and the spark of creation within the boiler from burning (pink, blue) candle representing the Virgin, Mother, Crone and her daughter (son) of my heart. Goddess, I'll grant application for membership of the fertility of eggs and sperm blessed be the name (woman)'s babe to be generated by me with an injury to the owners for great love Amen He (the man, then replace the soil removed to fill the hole) now thanks to the Goddess. Return to your environment, both of you again giving thanks to the Goddess. Allow the candle burns. Close the circle and make love.

Wiccan Birth Herbs

Red Raspberry Leaf: This plant is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron. It also nourishes the uterus, soothes nausea, helps prevent miscarriage, eases the pain of labor and creates a healthy diet to breast milk. Artigas: This document contains high levels of calcium, iron and protein, and is an excellent plant for feeding mothers feel exhausted. Oat straw: it is rich in calcium and magnesium. It also relieves stress and tension, and is an effective remedy for yeast infections. Alfalfa: This is one of the few vegetable sources of vitamin K (necessary for blood clotting). It also contains eight digestive enzymes, numerous trace minerals and high in vitamins A, D and E. Chamomile: A calming agent and a great help for digestive disorders including nausea. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Rose Hips: They are a great source of vitamin C to help fight infection and exhaustion.

The Wiccan Fertility and Love Blessing

FOR LOVE "Before a meeting of love, the body should be rubbed from head to toe with cinnamon powder. A cinnamon stick should be placed in the mouth before going to the desired person. Goshen must be raised during the meeting. FOR MATERNITY-A honeydew melon is bought in the name of Shum. A short letter asking for a child Goshen is written on a piece of brown paper, placed inside the melon through a narrow slit in appearance. The fruit is then wrapped in a yellow scarf and a white candle is engraved with the name of Shum. After five days, the melon is taken to the river with two thousand seven hundred.

To Cure Male Impotence and Female Frigidity

Drink two of the following direction before shooting at night and apply some of them at the base of the bottom of the spine. In the light of a red candle, bring one quart of water, if possible, use rainwater or mountain spring water to boil in a pot of his. Add three and a half grams of fenugreek seeds cover and simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat and add two handfuls of tasty, then infuse for one hour before use.

Passion Potion for Wiccan Lovers

To put more passion in your life, use the potion for you and/or her lover — Not very tasty, but very effective — In the light of a red candle, bring one quart of water to boil in your cauldron. Remove from heat and add two cups of fresh parsley leaves, chopped. Cover pot and let stand one hour potion. Drinking two cups of love potion at least twenty minutes before making love with your partner. Make sure the drink is too hot when you drink.

Wiccan Fertility Potion

For men or women overcome infertility, increase sperm count and increase sex drive, burn a stick of incense, musk, as an offering to the god of fertility of their choice, and take twenty milligrams of frozen Real all day. Not only royal jelly has rejuvenating properties sexual, is also known to increase the size of male genitalia is used very often. And they eat it! Artichoke Candara solidus. Artichokes are under the dominion of Venus.

Wiccan Amulet Fish

A pair of fish-shaped amulet and gold or pearls grows The fertility and virility to bring prosperity and offer protection against those who hate you or have bad intentions.

Wiccan Goat Amulet

The symbol of the goat (sacred to Aphrodite and the God of Cachou) increases fertility When worn or carried as an amulet, and is particularly good for those born under the sign of Capricorn.

Wiccan Ram Amulet

An amulet in the form of a ram boosts fertility in women.

Wiccan Unicorn Amulet

The unicorn is an ancient symbol of chastity and protection, and it's great born Who was said to be used in medieval times as an amulet to detect poisons in food or drink of kings, queens, pontiffs and popes. To promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism, wear any jewelry unicorn amulet.

Wicca Fertility Spell for Selection of a Gender

During their fertile period to hold three candles in a triangle. At the top should be yellow (Sun), left, green (earth) and right, blue (rain). These are the symbols of the Father. Take a dry oak leaf and red ink to write the following: "Sow a baby in my belly as big and healthy as the great oak." Place the sheet in the center of the triangle. Then put a tassel at the top of the page, repeating the following: "This seed is born the sacred oak. From this union was born my beloved Son." Visualize a tree that grows from the first shoots that grow in rich soils, the thin tree, all the way up the tree is strong and proud. His arms stretched over wood you. Hold that image in your mind for a few minutes. Imagine the rustle of leaves in the wind, the sun shines through here and there. Now, the image of a baby at the foot of the tree, gently cradled in the protruding roots. Picture of what he would want his son to be happy, healthy smile. Hold the image for a moment. When ready, take the acorn and put it under the mattress before making love. Let the candles burn. Every night, before trying to conceive, I repeat, new spark plugs, but using the same leaf and acorn. Keep in mind, this spell increases the likelihood of conceiving the sex they are looking for. This means you can not conceive at all if the potential child was of the opposite sex! So think long and hard about using this spell.

Wiccan Couple Candle Fertility Spell to Select a Boy Girl or Boy

Any woman with fertility problems or pregnancy is many questions in his mind. Will I get pregnant? Or I'll never understand. I want to clarify or fertility, or who want to design a spell or a spell to healthy baby. Spells have the answer to these questions. A week before ovulation, the mother-to-be should increase consumption of CITES and acidic foods (tomatoes, oranges, lemons, etc), nuts and leafy greens like kale or spinach. Avoid fats or fatty meats (sausage, salami and pork). If you are not already, consider taking a folic acid supplement. The day before your most fertile days, the same day and next day up to 3 new candles of equal size (1 blue, 1 pink, 1 white) near the bed. As you (DAD-to-be) Light the blue candle, repeat the following: "Heavenly Father, we call you Al, Piraeus, Ingo, Min and Kernunnos You shield which houses weapons and the comfort of your youth authority is considered powerful, fueling Sun River Bless this union of man and the second you (mother-to-be) Light the pink candle, repeat the following: "Divine Mother, who we call Inane, Ashram, Freya, Vestal and he or bring, nourishes and protects against power your youth at risk, which is in the fertile fields, the breezes of the moon bless this union of woman and the second two of you must light the candle, in third and repeat the following. "Lord and Lady. Mother and Father. Divine Life. As two become one, we seek your blessing sacred gift us with a healthy child, who embodies the best of us. Imagine a warm light that fills the room that you love. Let the candles burn until you exit from your account. Repeat with the new candles for each of the remaining nights.

Easy Wiccan Fertility Spell

During their fertile period (normally 2 days before, during and after ovulation), the Light 9 white candles in your room. Place around your bed. Sitting or standing naked with his partner turned to the north and repeat the following: "With the same spirit, we appeal to you. With one heart, we wish for you son of Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea in our lives, we welcome you to go east, and then south, then west, repeating this mantra every time you do. Proceed as nature requires." Repeat this spell each of the 5 nights before sex.

Spell of Design of a Child

During their fertile period to hold three candles in a triangle. At the top should be silver (the Moon), left, a brown (earth) and right, blue (water). These are the symbols of the Mother. Take a rose (flower only) and place the center of the triangle. Using a thorn on the rose stem, prick your finger and squeeze three drops of blood on top of flowering. Repeat the following: "Sweet as the rose in May and be as strong as the backbone of the union of flesh and spirit, my daughter was born" Show a rose bush grow and bloom earlier. The flowers smell good and bones are evidence that the woman is both beautiful and powerful. Soft solids. Keep that image in your mind for a few minutes. Imagine the rustle of leaves in the wind, the drift of butterflies around flowers. Now, imagine a baby lying in the depths of the forest, gently swaying in the stems and buds of curling. Picture how you want your daughter to be happy, healthy, smiling. Keep this picture for a moment. When ready, take the rose and place it under the mattress before making love. Let the candles burn. Every night, before trying to conceive, repeat the use of candles and rose again to flourish. Keep in mind, this spell increases the likelihood of conceiving the sex you want. This means you can not conceive at all if the potential child was of the opposite sex! So think long and hard about using this spell.

Wiccan Spell to Give Birth to a Healthy Baby

If you fear that her unborn child may be sick or have been born with an inherited problem, cut an apple in half. Take half and rub the fruit of thy womb. Envision any disease being fired from your belly, and his son, and fruit. When finished, report that marred the floor half a block away from the bedroom window of her baby. Then go and wash, it is likely that all sticky. If a tree grown from seed left buried in the block is an indication that your child will be strongly linked to the element earth, and we will never know hunger. Eat the other half to see their unborn baby healthy and happy. You may want to light green, pine scented candle while doing this. Green candles are ideal for healing spells and pine is associated with the earth and fertility. If you are allergic or can not eat apples, throw it, but take the time to do visualization.

Wicca Spell to Improve the Chances of Conceiving a Child

Fill a warm (not hot) bath and add 3 drops of lemon oil, 3 drops orange essential oil and 3 drops of lemon oil. Alternatively, the bath itself thoroughly (no soap, clean water and fragrant), until the water cools. Approximately 30 minutes. After washing and before making love, each one of you must take half cup (4 ounces) of caffeinated coffee or tea. Caffeine increases sperm motility in men and studies have shown that women who take this amount of caffeine in tea every day to improve the chances of developing up to 200%. After love, the man put several pillows under the woman's hips, tipping the pelvis and back. This makes it easier for sperm to move toward the egg. To help relieve the discomfort of this position can cause discomfort, to stay with her and massage the feet and calves. This stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, including the uterus. This position should be maintained for 30 minutes.

Wicca Spell for Pain Relief during Labor

If possible, try to find a stick or a pendant that has these four stones: amethyst, clear quartz crystal and aventurine. If you look online, there are pagan shops capable of creating multiple items for you. If possible, maintain or bring the matter to the skin during delivery. Then give the item away, preferably to someone who is expecting or trying to conceive. If you do not find someone to make one, you can make a small bag and put one of each stone in it. Hold or use during labor to help relieve the pain and make delivery easier for mother and baby. Subsequently, the bag must be dismantled, stone and given as gifts.

Wicca Rite to Pregnancy

Repeat for each direction (east, west, etc) "For you my son, my body is open for my son, my mind is open. For my child, my heart is open. For the earth on fire, wind and sea in my arms, will be." (Last two lines are said while watching his cradled arms).

Wicca Fertility Spell

You will need:
1 watermelon 1 Tbsp. Dolce Palo powder 1 cup of rice and beans mixed
1 tbsp. 2 tablespoons grated coconut. Fresh basil leaves 1 tbsp. Powder Anile
1 tbsp. 1 tablespoon Water River. 2 cups water sea of molasses 3 cups olive oil
1 game of 7 cents a statue of Venus

Cut the watermelon in half and remove most of the inside out. Write your name 7 times on a piece of brown paper. Place paper in the bottom of the watermelon. Place the 7 cents in the paper. Place Dolce Palo dust, rice and beans, coconut and fresh basil leave in the watermelon. Pour water from the river and sea water in watermelon. Pour the syrup into the watermelon. Pour olive oil into the watermelon. Mix the anvil in the olive oil. Float the wick on top of oil. Light the wick and lets you record for 7 days. Place the watermelon lamp next to the statue of Venus. On 8 carry the watermelon and leave the side of a pond. You may also want to make a lotion by adding: Preparation: Place 1 cup of cream, body lotion or unscented body in a bowl. Mix well. 10 drops coconut oil 10 drops of oil of chrysanthemum oil 20 drops watermelon.

Wicca Egg Wish Spell Fertility

On an egg whose shell is brown or pink, sign these signs in grass green ink. (A simple sun, a male symbol, surrounded by an equilateral cross, a sign of a woman, then backwards branches 5 stars) buried at the bottom of a medium pot, which emphasizes that the sun is hot; Sow seeds grazing on the surface, well water, while nine weeks later, harvesting crops, with a wire loop Let it hang always above your bed fertility spells are very strong and emotional. These spells are very strong and emotional and will give positive results if you are afraid and want to be sure of a safe pregnancy; wishes to avoid miscarriages Want to start your own family, but so far so now is the right time for you to follow forward with the fate of fertility.

Fertility Destination Spell for Wiccans

Patchouli incense of sandalwood oil 2 apples, pine
3 ears of green corn and green candle marker paper

Rub oil over the candle and anoint you around the belly area with a drop of oil. Light the candle and incense and place the pineapple and corn in a pan or bowl. Visualize your goal and use magic marker to call you on the right side of the paper you are — call yourself whatever you want to be on the left side (flat belly — pregnant belly will do also) to visualize your goal, while drawing — when you feel you've visualized enough tear the paper in half and turn left with the target set back at a small square and place in your pocket paper then another light in the flame of a candle and place it in the boiler to burn. Sing or pray for his goal of showing that the document burn. Burying the contents of the pot on the patio — preferably a garden — to leave an offering of a crumb of the cake in a glass dish for good spirits or fairies who might happen by. Keep a positive attitude so as not to attract the attention of all jealous or bad fairies! Keep the paper with his goal set in it with you at all times until your wish is granted, then you can place in a safe place for luck.

Bag of the Wiccan Witch Who is Pregnant

To be used in the bath or as a dream pillow to ease the discomforts of pregnancy. 1/2 lemon 1 tablespoon lemon verbena teaspoon 3 tablespoons lavender 2 tablespoons rose petals 1 teaspoon sage 7 drops of pure jasmine oil Mix all ingredients in your pot or a wooden plate. Cut a three inch square piece of blue cloth (a natural fiber always works best). Put some mixture of herbs in the center and tie the ends of the child with some consideration. In doing so, display the inconvenience while afloat. When ready, or throw in a hot bath or hide in the beating of her favorite pillow (or, if you want to stay in his favorite pillow for a very long time, put it in your pillowcase) and has a pillow special dream.

Wiccan Moon Goddess Fertility Spell

Perfumed Body Cream Apple
String of Pearls (fake are very good)

Conduct during ovulation, and then take a shower cream body massage in your belly attention Imagine that you and your partner's hands are burning w/a warm, golden light filling the stomach with warm water everywhere. Visualize that you are pregnant, you place the pearls around the neck and repeat the following text: "Jewels of the moon, I offer this dress in honor of his power to leave fertile light shine through me. Blessed be."

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